By Remy Schwartz and Henry Epp

January 31, 2013

Hampshire College alum and world-famous comedian Eugene Mirman sat down to talk with us in early January. He voices “Gene” on Fox’s Bob’s Burger’s, he was a regular on HBO’s Flight of the Conchords, and the CD/DVD of his Comedy Central hour-long special will be released February 5th.

He is, sincerely, the nicest guy in the world. One day I said hello to him at a comedy show in New York, the next day I tweeted at him, and the next thing I know we’re sitting next to him IN HIS BROOKLYN APARTMENT.

He sat patiently while we stumbled around mismatched sound and camera equipment and engaged us in some brutal small talk. Brutal on our part, not his. You try making casual conversation with a personal hero.