By SBM Staff

February 10, 2013

On Thursday and Friday, Hampshire College's automated emergency contact service sent out 5-10 emails, text messages, and phone calls about the severity of the coming winter storm. They frantically told us to buy peanut butter, carry flashlights (not just the flashlight app) and consult our loved ones back home. They also informed us that the college would be closing for the weekend. 

So what did you do? You went to R&P and bought whiskey. Then you ran back to your room and charged your smart phone so it'd have enough power for you take awesome photos of your new Bean boots in a shitload of snow.

In the meantime, Hampshire's Facility and Grounds department was gearing up for a very long evening.

Mark, Mark, Glenn, Brian, Ken, and Victor were getting ready to spend the whole night working. Victor, the head of the grounds crew, has worked for Hampshire since its first year. After 41 winters, he'll retire next month. 

"We put in an order for one more big storm," he joked. He drove the Bobcat while the rest of the team took turns with the plows. 

They told us that every able-bodied Facilities and Grounds employee was required to report at 8am on Saturday and help shovel out the campus's porches and doors. 

So if you see a Facilities and Grounds employee, say thank you. They're heroes. But hey, you were busy having fun on Instagram, so you've got nothing to feel guilty about: